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The MPT course is focused on training scientific personnel capable of resolving technological problems in materials technology and able to undertake activities such as:

  • production of modern materials and products
  • processing and characterization of materials
  • protection of materials/products/components
  • quality control - standardization - certification
  • qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • analysis of materials microstructure
  • growth and synthesis of novel materials
  • control of materials mechanical properties and strength
  • Recycling - management of materials originating from solid wastes

Modules offered on :
Properties of Materials, Characterization of materials, Growth of materials, Material processing, Surface processing, Corrosion - Wear of materials, Thin films - coatings, Quality control, Materials' selection methods, Optimization of materials, Computing, Environment management of materials, Legislation/patents, Business dexterity.



1. Lectures, seminars, Educational visits

2. Educational Visits of PoM students.

3. Education-Attending of special seminars, lessons of Postgraduate Program by Scientific and Technical staff of Productive Sectors