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University of LiverpoolDepartment of Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, University of Liverpool, UK

The Department of Materials Science & Engineering of the University of Liverpool is an internationally acknowledged postgraduate level school. The Department of Materials Science & Engineering has succeeded in obtaining the highest mark (5*) from the National Research Assessment Exercise of U.K.
Liverpool participates:

  • with Prof. R. Pond in the position of advisor of PoM course,
  • by accepting PoM course students for the elaboration of a Master Thesis

NCSR "Demokritos" Institute of Material Science (MS) - NCRS Demokritos

IMS comprises one of the most active research centers in Greece in the field of Science and Technology of Materials. Research is undertaken in fields such as nanostructured materials, superalloys, advanced ceramics, superconductors, archaeological materials, and catalysts. The long-term interaction of MS with the PoM course, as well as the complementarity in facilities and techniques, is significantly beneficiary for all postgraduate students.
IMS staff contributes with:
- course modules offered by its staff members,
- production of educational material,
- laboratory training in research methodology,
- student mobility from/towards IMS,
- supervision of M.Sc. and PhD Theses.