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Call for Enrollment 2017
June 2017

The Department of Physics of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki offers the interdisciplinary Postgraduate Course in the "Physics & Technology of Materials". The duration of the course is three semesters, and it leads to a Master of Science Degree. Course graduates may continue towards a Ph.D.

The course aims to produce scientists qualified in the interdisciplinary field of Materials Science with emphasis in materials for advanced technological applications. Such personnel will be suitable to cover needs of the industry, research centers, and the academia, in Greece and the E.U. The graduates of the course have claimed researcher and scientist posts at institutions inland and abroad, as well as in the industrial sector. Many of them are working towards a Ph.D. In Greece as well as in acknowledged foreign institutes and universities, while a number of Ph.D. Graduates hold staff positions.

The course modules cover both the core knowledge as well as advanced technologies in Materials Science. The students are taught the interconnection between the nano-structure of materials with properties, as well as the methods and techniques for the growth, characterization, and selection of materials. There is extensive usage of modern educational methods and multimedia. Attendance of classes and practical work is obligatory. The modules are offered by staff members of the department, as well as by invited lecturers from other universities, research centers, and the industry. Students are given access to modern laboratories in the Department of Physics and in collaborating institutions, as well as to a fully updated library, computer networks, scientific software and databases. Emphasis is placed on their interaction with the industrial sector and research centers in Greece and abroad. Laboratory projects that are organized for training in research methodology are considered of particular importance. In addition, there are modules offered on technology application and management.

M.Sc. Students are entitled to all student rights and privileges including medical insurance, student bus ticket, access to the student restaurant and to sports facilities etc. Additionally, student grants are awarded for academic excellence.

Admissible students are Physics, Chemistry or Engineering graduates. Graduates of foreign universities should submit the formal recognition of their degree in Greece. Applications from graduates of other departments relevant to the cognitive subject of the course are accepted on the basis of successful examination in three undergraduate modules of the Department of Physics.

All applicants should submit their application to the Secretariat of the Department of Physics in the period 1-29 September 2017.

For additional information please call +30 2310 998550. email: materials@physics.auth.gr.


Thessaloniki, June 2017
The Course Director
Professor Eleni Paloura